Here Come The Mummies funk up SWFL

For 5000 years Egyptian Mummies have roamed the planet looking for place to get funky. On Sunday September 23rd Here Come the Mummies marched their way into the SWFL Event Center and funked the place up in every way possible.

Mummy Cass(anova), Eddie Mummy, K.W. TuT, Spaz, The Flu, Ra, B.B.Queen, The Pole, Midnight, & Mummy Yo! pulled out all the tricks they could find and everyone in attendance got funky with them. Hidden behind their disguises are rumored to be musicians of the highest quality but only they know who they are. Their songs are funky, sometimes a lil’ bit on the naughty side but its all in good funk with these guys.

They are without a doubt are the ultimate party band and your life will not be complete until you go see them live!!! For more information on Here Come the Mummies please visit their website for more information:
Connect with HCTM:
Facebook: @herecomethemummies
Twitter: @hctmummies
Instagram: @hctmummies

For more information on the amazing SWFL Event Center please visit their page and give them a “Like”!! You can also visit them at:

Photos and Review by Brian K. Kreuser

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