The Original MISFITS have announced that the band will reunite once again for one night only at the Allstate Arena in Chicago on April 27th, 2019. Fans will have a rare opportunity to experience the band’s original singer/songwriter Glenn Danzig and original bassist Jerry Only. This unprecedented reunion and lineup of legendary horror-punk trailblazers and modern-metal pioneers will undoubtedly be one of the hottest concert tickets of 2019. 

Joining the festivities for this EPIC event will be Fear, Venom Inc, and Power Trip.

Since the band’s inception, the MISFITS and their iconic imagery went on to become one of the most crucially influential, genre-defying bands to ever emerge from North America. The MISFITS significance extends well beyond the narrowed path of punk rock, metal & hardcore. Although not cognizant of how significant they would become, what the Original MISFITS achieved in their initial seven-year window deconstructed and redefined rock music.

The MISFITS with Danzig’s anthemic songs and unmistakable voice, Only’s ferocious bass sound, and the Original MISFITS unforgettable choruses and authentically bruising musicianship, cemented their importance with all ensuing generations. And now legions of diehard fans from around the world will have the opportunity to hear the original band that forges a level of intensity unprecedented in the new millennium. Don’t miss this important chapter in the legendary band’s legacy of brutality.

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