Garbage 2019 tour kicks off in Atlanta

Garbage couldn’t have picked a more beautiful venue to kick off their tour in Atlanta than the historic Tabernacle. Once Baptist church erected in the early 1900’s, the venue is now home to a unique concert venue, with organ pipes still providing a beautiful backdrop for any show. For the post grunge industrial band, Garbage, this venue provides a beautiful ambiance.

Lights went out as they took the stage and chants of “we love you, Shirley” filled the venue. The band (Duke Erikson, Eric Avery, Butch Vig, and Steve Marker) took the stage clad in all black attire as vocalist/frontwoman, Shirley Manson, came out in a beautiful gown designed by Valerj Pobega with her trademark vibrant red hair.

Manson’s commanding presence and haunting voice there was no doubt that the audience was won over as soon as she hit the stage. The band’s performance was clean and sharp, a telling truth as to how this band has stayed alive since the early 1990’s.

US 20 Years Paranoid tour

Garbage kicked off their US 20 Years Paranoid tour in Atlanta with an additional 10 US shows during the month of May, including stops at Sunfest 2019 and at the inaugural KAABOO Texas.  The band then heads to the UK, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Croatia, France, Italy and Ireland for 17 shows.

Garbage and their 20 Years Paranoid tour will return to the US for an additional 17 shows throughout the US. 

Be sure to check out the bands tour dates HERE.

Photos and review by Katie Leslie

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