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The Ybor District of Tampa welcomed Jonathan Davis, Julien-K, and The Birthday Massacre for an electric night of some heavy music. As the doors opened at The Orpheum nightclub, hundreds of fans piled into the venue to enjoy music from three amazing acts.

The first performance of the evening brought the Southern California act, Julien-K, to the smoke filled stage. Julien-K is an indietronic electro-rock band that began as a side project by Amir Derakh and Ryan Shuck from Orgy and Dead By Sunrise, alongside Anthony ‘Fu’ Valcic and Bidi Cobra. The band is touring in support of their current album ‘California Noir’ and single “Photo Voltaire.”

A highly energized set included speaking about a topic that hit close to home for the band, Marsy’s Law, which has to do with victims’ rights. This was a first while attending a music event for me. Fans enjoyed the set and really responded when the band ended the set with a classic New Order song, “Blue Monday”. 

Set List for Julien-K

1. Flashpoint Riot 2. Strange Invisible 3. Kick the Bass 4. Maestro 5. Photo Voltaire 6. Institution 7. Dossier 8. Deep Beat Overground 9. Blue Monday









The next act to the stage was the Canadian rock band The Birthday Massacre. This female fronted band led by vocalist Chibi and her intense energy and powerful screams sent the Orpheum crowd into a frenzy. Fans engaged with the band singing most songs word for word throughout the set. The band’s sound was loud and heavy, which was to this reviewers’ liking. I had the pleasure to thank them after their set as they engaged with some of the crowd.

The Birthday Massacre formed in 1999 in London, Ontario, has a current lineup consisting of lead vocalist Chibi, rhythm guitarist Rainbow, lead guitarist Falcore, drummer Rhim, keyboardist Owen, and bassist Nate Manor.

Set list for The Birthday Massacre

1. Counterpane 2. Red Stars 3. All of Nothing 4. Superstition 5. Destroyer 6. One 7. Video Kid 8. Pins and Needles 9. Games 10. In the Dark 11. Blue







The man of the evening took the stage to a sea of red lighting that seemed to set an intimate mood throughout the venue as he delivered a captivating 15-song set. The set did not include any Korn songs but focused on the musicians solo work, a Neil Diamond cover of “Love on the Rocks” and Davis’ song “What It Is” which appears on the soundtrack for the thriller American Satan. The reaction from the Tampa faithful to a set comprised of mostly new songs was a strong indication that Black Labyrinth has been received well by old and new fans alike. The new record is a blend of aggressive tones and captivating melodies, featuring musical stylings that includes rock, metal and Goth.

The legendary rocker, known for pouring his heart and soul out on stage, did not disappoint those in attendance. Joining Davis on tour is fellow bandmate from Korn, Ray Luzier on the drums, alongside Brian Allen who played the upright bass and Chris Nix on guitar.

Setlist for Jonathan Davis

1. Underneath My Skin 2. Everyone 3. Forsaken 4. Final Days 5. What You Believe 6. Basic Needs 7. Slept So Long 8. Medicate 9. Your God 10. System 11. Please Tell Me 12. Walk On By 13. Love on the Rocks (Neil Diamond) 14. What It Is 15. Happiness




Photos and review by Jessi Brothers