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Tampa hosted the second stop of the Twenty One Pilots Bandito tour, which makes 15 US stops before heading to Australia, Europe, Mexico, and Canada before returning to the US for an additional 19 shows that will run the band through June 2019. Joining the band on the tour is Awolnation and solo artist Max Frost. The tour coincides with the bands recently released album, Trench, the bands fifth album.

Fans filled the Amalie Arena plaza, adorn in Twenty One Pilots trademark black and yellow merchandise symbolizing the band’s newest album. Little did the sold out crowd know they would be treated to a 22 song high-powered set that included a flaming car, a crowd surfing drum kit, masks, smoke, an epic light show, and Tyler serenading fans on a ladder as he maneuvered over the crowd to a B-stage.

Solo artist Max Frost took the stage promptly at 7pm and preceded to set the tone for the evening as he maneuvered through multiple instruments and engaging the crowd.

Next up was Awolnation, who made their way to the stage as the Louis Armstrong classic “What a Wonderful World” bellowed through the venue. Aaron Bruno took over the stage wielding his arms as he entertained the crowd dancing from side to side as he sang top hits “Run” and “Handyman” while wrapping up the set with the band’s top-selling hit “Sail”.

Singer Tyler Joseph and drummer Joshua Dun form the Grammy award-winning band Twenty One Pilots. The crowd erupted as the curtain fell from the rafters and Joshua Dun made his way to the front of the stage with a bandana covering his face and a torch in hand, as the black masked Tyler Joseph ascended to the stage atop a burning car. The duo maintained that energy level throughout the entire 2-hour set.

The set included hits like “Heathen” and “Stressed Out“ as well as cover songs “Iris” from the Goo Goo Dolls and the Beatles classic “Hey Jude”. Both songs included a mashup of members from both opening acts.

Twenty One Pilots Setlist

Main Stage

  1. Jumpsuit
  2. Levitate
  3. Fairly Local (with Tyler’s dual-location)
  4. Stressed Out
  5. Heathens
  6. We Don’t Believe What’s on TV
  7. The Judge
  8. Lane Boy
  9. Nico and the Niners


  1. Taxi Cab
  2. Neon Gravestones
  3. Bandito
  4. Pet Cheetah

Main Stage

  1. Holding on to You
  2. Iris (Goo Goo Dolls cover) (with AWOLNATION) (and Max Frost)
  3. Hey Jude (The Beatles cover) (with AWOLNATION) (and Max Frost)
  4. Ride
  5. My Blood
  6. Morph (with Josh’s drum island)
  7. Car Radio


  1. Leave the City
  2. Trees