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Chaos and Earthquakes ripped through the Ranch Concert Hall & Saloon in Fort Myers, FL as the South Florida based band Nonpoint was on display brandishing a fury of energy that fans have grown accustom to seeing from these rockers. This metal storm was a 96 K-Rock sponsored event.

Many of the survivors talked of the massive beating their bodies took from the heavy emphatic beats of the drums, screaming guitars and vocals that shook their bodies to the core. People were seen swaying and bumping into one another as it went on and on. It was pure madness…

And they loved every minute of it!!!

The “Chaos and Earthquakes” tour celebrates the bands recent release of “X” which hit the shelves on August 24th. The band’s setlist was a strong combination of new and old songs including “Chaos and Earthquakes”, “Empty Batteries”, “Fix This” and “Destiny”. Frontman Elias Soriano (lead vocals), Robb Rivera (drums), Rasheed Thomas (rhythm guitar, backing vocals) and Adam Woloszyn (bass), and B.C. Kochmit (lead guitar, backing vocals) form the powerhouse Nonpoint. The band has described themselves as South Florida born, Midwest hardened, world traveled, musically driven, powered by will, fan supported, crowd lifted, message deliberate, words of rescue and heart of fire.

Even though the band is out supporting their latest release their was plenty of great songs from older albums such as Separate Yourself, Recoil, The Poison Red and Development.

It is with great sadness that we must report that the Chaos and Earthquakes tour has ended in Florida. Fortunately, for many, the tour goes on as it makes its way up and down the east coast before ending in Chicago. Be sure to go visit their website to see when it’s coming your way!!

For 20 plus years Nonpoint has been melting faces and rocking millions of people around the globe.  Be sure to go visit their website and order “X”, don’t forget to check them out on all their social media channels so you can get the latest info and see some rockin’ videos!!

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Review and Photos by Brian Kreuser