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On Thursday August 23rd, our friends at 96 K‐Rock brought Nonpoint’ sChaos and Earthquakes”Tour to the Ranch Concert Hall & Saloon in Fort Myers, FL.

Opening the show was the San Francisco bay area based band, Letters From The Fire. Normally we would include the openers with the review of the whole show however this band really impressed us with their sound and stage presence.

Out in support of the self‐titled album, “Letters From The Fire” the band was on a mission to rock everyone they came across. No one was spared from the powerful vocals, the heavy lows from the bass and the beat from the drums that pounded through your heart and the screaming guitars that went right through your ears and pierced the part of your brain that induced pure pleasure.

Lead singer Nina Bergman, WOW! Nina is the real deal and such an amazing performer! She was all over the stage, making that connection with almost everyone that lined up along the edge. In addition to being a singer, Nina is also a model and actress. She modeled as Battery for the Call of Duty “Black Ops 4” and was recently filming in the latest Universal Pictures release of “DOOM”. So much talent! Her story is quite intriguing; go check her out at www.ninabergman.com/bio

Not to be overshadowed, the rest of the band is quite capable of melting faces as well. Led by founding members, Mike Keller on rhythm guitar, Cameron Stucky on lead guitar and Clayton Wages on bass, in what they call Future Rock. The latest member to join the group is that beast, Seth Hostetter on drums. Yeah, these guys can rock as well.

What?! You didn’t make it out to the show.  You poor soul…. Go to their website and check out their music now…. We will wait for you…. NOT! In addition, if you have not seen it yet, you need to go check out the “Comfort You” video posted on their Facebook page. 

Set list:

  1. Harley
  2. Safe World
  3. Better Than Here
  4. I Hate Everything
  5. Still Alive
  6. Comfort You


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Review and Photos by Brian Kreuser