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The Sound Bar was filled to capacity in anticipation of three amazing bands. First up to hit the stage was Electric Shrine. A local Orlando band made up of Bhren-Vocals, Billy-Guitar, Stone-Bass, and Josh-drums. It was really surprising to find out they formed in early 2016. With their hard rocking sound and vocals to match, they sounded more seasoned than bands who have been around decades. The crowd was receptive and with Electric Shrine turning out a great performance you could feel the energy growing. If you haven’t checked them out, don’t wait. They are definitely one of Orlando’s best kept secrets but I am sure that is changing after their performance at the Sound Bar.

After a quick stage change the next band made their way to the stage. Blacktop Mojo founded in Palestine Texas, and comprised of Matt James-vocals, Nathan Gillis-drums, Matt Curtis-bass, Ryan Kiefer-guitar, Kenneth Irwin-guitar hit the stage like a sledgehammer. Playing songs off their album “I Am” as well as their newest release, “Burn the Ships” they had no problems amping up the more than already enthusiastic crowd.

Frontman Matt James who could easily moonlight as a bouncer “suns out guns out”, had the crowd up on their feet as the bands high energy performance continued on. The stage at the Sound Bar is not that large, but it didn’t stop the band from rocking the entire thing.  Midway through their set, the band broke out into an acoustic version of Phil Collins “In the Air Tonight”. Again the band had no problem getting the crowd who was all to happy to help sing along. The set picked up momentum re-energizing the crowd yet again. After finishing their song “Pyromaniac” off their newest album, they ended the night with “Dream On” by Aerosmith. Their fans were more than thrilled, and many new fans were definitely made. This is another must see band. They will be playing the West Coast of Florida as they continue this tour. It’s definitely worth the ride and price of admission.

If you haven’t caught Blacktop Mojo on their Florida swing tonight is your last chance at the Crowbar in Tampa.

Our final band needed no introduction. Shaman’s Harvest has been around since 1996. Band members Nathan Hunt-vocals, Matt Fisher-bass, Josh Hamler-rhythm guitar, Derrick Ship-lead guitar, Adam Zemanek-drums comprise the bands current roster. This band has a broad range of fans. Two fans Tony and Becky told me this was the 4th time they had seen them; and had driven down from Jesup, Ga to make the show. Next to them was 11 year old Sara who told me she and her Mom were huge fans.

The band played songs everyone was eager to hear off their current album release “Red Hands, Black Deeds“. Early on in the set it seemed like there might have been a slight issue with the vocals being lost to the bands musical performance. This all changed once they broke out the acoustic guitars. Nathan Hunt had no problem going from hardcore rock vocals to soft and smooth and back again.

Whatever happened to the sound changed once the band switched back to electric. The crowd who had been treated to 2 other bands before Shaman’s Harvest wasn’t going anywhere and the band gave them blood, sweat and tears. The night came to a close when the band ended with the Beatles hit “Come Together”. Shaman’s Harvest’s performance was the icing on a giant cake made of rock and roll.  Like the others, you need to make it a point and see this hard working band live. It’s the only way to really appreciate how much they put into their shows and why they have an ever growing fanbase!

Shaman’s Harvest…


Blacktop Mojo…Only a few teaser shots. Be on the lookout for Music Madness Magazine’s EXCLUSIVE on the band with photos, reviews and interview with frontman Matt James.


Electric Shrine…

Electric Shrine Set List

  • Rock and Roll
  • Blue Divination
  • Talk
  • Get Up
  • Traveler
  • Serpentine
  • Move On
  • Thank You
  • Last Confession

Blacktop Mojo Set List

  • Burn The Ships
  • End of Days
  • Trouble On the Rise
  • Open Road
  • Sweat
  • Acoustic (In The Air tonight)
  • Where the Wind Blows
  • All Mine Now
  • It Won’t Last
  • Pyromaniac
  • Dream on

Shamans Harvest Set List

  • RHBD
  • Devil in Our Wake
  • The Come Up
  • Dirty Diana
  • Here it Comes
  • Blood Trophies
  • Jam/Soul Crusher
  • Long Way Home
  • Tusk and Bone
  • Country as F*ck
  • Off the Tracks
  • Dangerous
  • Dragon Fly
  • In Chains
  • Come Together


Thank you Jake Rage for the Review and Photos.