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Young, rising country music star, Damien Maze continues to make waves with his single “Long Way Home” which has been chosen to be the first song on two hot new country anthem compilation albums, Love My Country Vol.2 and New Country Rock Vol. 15. Born and raised on a dairy farm in the small town of Saint-Pascal-Baylon, Ontario, Canada, Damien had visions of playing in the NHL until his true calling reared its country head. He traded his skates and helmet for a guitar and cowboy hat and the young musician has not looked back.

Damien has recorded five songs for his debut-EP with “Long Way Home” as the EPs first single. In addition to a handful of dates, Damien will be playing the Clarence Creek Jamboree Country Festival in Clarence-Rockland, Canada. Damien is looking forward to another successful year of new music and performing on bigger tours and festivals. 

Raised on a dairy farm is where his love for country music started, Damien picked up his first guitar at the age of 20 and has been concentrating on his career by writing songs and playing festivals ever since. His love of this music genre made him pick up the guitar and write some very catchy songs. Following his dream, Damien is in the process of releasing his first EP with original recordings.

Music Madness had a chance to talk family, country music, and dropping the shoulder as a hockey enforcer. Check it out here…  

Music Madness: Congratulations on the success of your new single “Long Way Home”. Looks like the last few years have been a little crazy for you. I mean, you didn’t start playing guitar until you were 20, and now a short 8 years later your songs are getting airplay.

Damien: Yeah, I’m pretty excited. I’m from Ottawa, from Saint Pascal Baylon, the French side of Ottawa, like maybe 30 minutes from Ottawa. It’s a little village, maybe 700 people. That’s it. There’s a lot of farms. My best friends growing up was my brother and my two sisters.

I was raised on a dairy farm and I would listen to American country all the time – on the farm, in the tractor, in the field. That was the only genre we would listen to.

Music Madness: Obviously, you sing American country, but do you sing French country as well? I don’t know if I’ve ever heard of a country song done in French.

Damien: Well, in Quebec, there’s a lot of French country, it’s good, but I like American country. French country is more Western, slower, like really old western, but we turn it into French.

Music Madness: When you say American country, do you prefer the older style country like Johnny Cash or the newer, more modern country.

Damien: Both, I would say. I love Johnny Cash, Travis Tritt but I also love Kenny Chesney, Brad Paisley, and Eric Church. Old and New.

Music Madness: Okay. I was curious because a Canadian country star singing French, wearing a hockey helmet just did not sound right to me.

Damien: (laughing) I used to play hockey juniors as well. Before I started playing music, that was my dream, making it to the NHL but at one point, I’m like, I’m not gonna make it, so I needed another dream, so it was music, and it turned out really well for me.

Music Madness: The video for “The Long Way Home” has been released. How was that experience?

Damien: Oh, that was wonderful. I love Malibu. I think I’m gonna move there some day. We went to Malibu Beach. A couple of places on the coast and really enjoyed it.

Music Madness: In addition to “The Long Way Home”, you’ve recorded a few more songs but not everything has been released, correct?

Damien: Correct, but it’s gonna happen! It’s an EP that we started with five songs are really really great. So, the first one was “Long Way Home.” Second one is “Moonshine,” third one, “Come On Over,” fourth one, “Nobody’s Like You,” it’s a slow ballad song, and the last one is “Redneck Holiday,” so it’s a really good EP.

One of my goals, too, is to open for one of the biggest, like Kenny Chesney, or something like that. That’s one of the things that we’re focused on for next year. 

Music Madness: You have the five song EP and you are playing a few festivals. What are your plans in the immediate future?

Damien: Definitely, I’m doing another five songs, at least or maybe just a full album, another 10 songs. We’re ready for it. It’s all ready to be recorded and mastered, and definitely more videos as well for some of the songs, more touring, and more shows.

Music Madness: Has your family embraced your dream of becoming a country music star?

Damien: Oh my God, they can’t believe it. They are so happy for me, and all the family and my friends. When I go back there, they’re like, oh my God. I was in California, I was in New Mexico, and they are really supportive. I’m lucky I’ve got good friends, and a good family, so I’m blessed for that.

Music Madness: We need to see your name on the list for the Country 500 in Daytona Beach, FL next year.

Damien: Yeah, I know. You know what’s funny, 2 years ago, Daytona, the 500, I was asked to sing there in the pit, right in the middle, and I didn’t go. I know I missed that.

Music Madness: Country music fans really appreciate their stars to be humble and fan friendly.

Damien: Yeah, exactly. Exactly, and I was gonna say, it’s the people that work hard too. You’ll see the real artist is the one that keeps going, keeps working hard and never gives up. That’s the real artist.

Music Madness: Since you played hockey, if you don’t hear what you like, remember, drop the shoulder, my friend, drop the shoulder.

Damien: I used to do that quite a bit. I’m a nicer guy now. I used to be a goon back then.

Music Madness: I miss that part of hockey, but the guys are built like linebackers these days. It’s crazy.

Damien: I know. I know what you mean.

Music Madness: Thanks for your time Damien and best of luck to you. Take care.

Damien: Okay. Thank you Steve. Take care.


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Damien Maze Show Dates:

  • July 21 @7pm In Rockland, Ont., Canada
  • July 26 @6pm In Orleans, Ont., Canada
  • July 28 In St-Pascal Baylon, Ont. Canada
  • August 10 @9pm Navan Fair in Navan, Ont., Canada
  • August 16 @6pm In Buckingham, Qc, Canada
  • August 17 @8pm Festival de la curd in St-Albert, Ont., Canada

Damien Maze Music can be purchased here: