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HOB Orlando 6/09/2018…

The lineup on Saturday night at the House of Blues in Orlando had all the makings of an epic evening with four talented bands on one stage and the release party of Meka Nism’s “The War Inside”. All four bands; Meka Nism, SoulSwitch, A Brilliant Lie, and Copper Bones each delivered inspiring sets filled with energy and inspiration.

The show opened with the power duo Copper Bones. There may only be two of them on stage, but it did not take them long to get the crowd at the House of Blues totally amped up and set the tone for the evening.

The next band on the stage was A Brilliant Lie. This band definitely has that All-American look to them but once they started, all bets were off! Talented and energetic hardly begins to describe this band.

Meka Nism took the stage to an excited crowd. This band brings both talent and showmanship to every performance. Dancers and a surprise guest added to an already great performance as they celebrated the release of their new CD “The War Inside”.

The show ended with a great performance by SoulSwitch who did not disappoint. This talented band wrapped up a night of great performances. I only hope you were able to make the festivities!

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